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Nexterra is committed to delivering systems that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations from the start-up of the system and throughout its life. Nexterra’s Customer Support and Services (CSS) team is a dedicated and highly experienced group with over 130 years of combined experience.

Nexterra’s CSS team offers a wide-range of services:

  • Ongoing operator training and technical support that maximize system and operator productivity over the long term
  • Nexterra Support Center:
    • Remote monitoring, evaluation and technical support
    • Operator mentorship
    • Process optimization, data collection and analysis via secure internet access
    • Operations evaluation and recurrent training sessions based upon actual system operation and staff needs.
    • Industry leading operation and maintenance manual.
  • Onsite technical support available during scheduled maintenance shut-down periods:
    • Field calibration verification of instruments and thermocouples
    • Safety checks of important safety systems
    • Inspection of critical components and systems
    • Service and inspection reports for customer
    • Multi-vendor co-ordination
    • Spare parts services
    • Feature upgrades and system enhancements to equipment.

Contact us to see how our team can support you.