Independent power producers that are looking to sell renewable power to the grid at a scale of 2 – 10 MWe can use Nexterra's systems to produce low-cost, renewable power from local, renewable waste and still meet demanding local air quality requirements. 

Nexterra offers two systems for this market:

  • A conventional steam generation system that can be paired with a steam turbine, and
  • A next-generation system which combines Nexterra's core gasification system and new syngas conditioning system with an internal combustion engine. This system is being demonstrated at 2 MWe scale at the Vancouver campus of the University of British Columbia.

Nexterra's systems offer a number of advantages:

  • High Efficiency – Nexterra's systems are designed to achieve the highest electrical efficiency. Nexterra's next-generation solution delivers efficiency that is 20 – 30% higher than conventional steam turbine-based systems.
  • Maximum Fuel Flexibility – Systems can handle feedstocks of varying moisture content, size and composition with no mechanical design changes. This reduces fuel costs and fuel procurement risk.
  • Ultra-Clean Air Emissions – Systems produce low PM, CO, VOC and NOX emissions,  making them ideal for urban environments.
  • High Reliability – Systems have few moving parts resulting in higher uptime.

Combined Heat
and Power (CHP)

Stand Alone

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