Customers such as universities, hospitals, municipalities and energy services utilities that operate district energy systems can use Nexterra’s systems to produce low-cost, renewable heat, steam, hot water and/or power for their operations from local, renewable waste and still meet demanding local air quality requirements. 

Nexterra’s systems offer a number of advantages:

  • Ultra-Clean Air Emissions – Systems cost-effectively deliver low PM, CO, VOC and NOX emissions even when using challenging waste feedstocks, making them ideal for urban environments.
  • Maximum Fuel Flexibility – Systems can handle feedstocks of varying moisture content, size and composition with no mechanical design changes. This reduces fuel costs and fuel procurement risk. 
  • High Reliability – Systems have few moving parts resulting in higher uptime.
  • Integrated Research – Bioenergy is an area of increasing research interest, and many Nexterra customers have integrated learning labs with their Nexterra bioenergy system.





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